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Teej is the Indian festival which is celebrated by the Indian girls and women in every year in the monsoon seasons and pray to the god (Goddess Lord Shiva and Parvati) with a hope to god gives happiness and wellness of their children, husband and own self. There are the different types of teej festival witch is celebrated by the different state of the peoples such as Haryali Teej, Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej.Teej festival is to be celebrated in different style or ways in various states such as many girls and women play gidda, playing under trees on swings, get together and send gifts to each other,children play with kites and many more. Teej festival is to be celebrated in Nepal, Northern and Western India with a different religion with joyful and happiness such as Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Rajasthan, Gujrat, Andra pradesh and many more in India. Teeyan Haryali teej hd images pic dp status for Facebook Whatsapp.downloadbbbb










THREE DAYS OF TEEJ – There are three types of Teej celebrated on three different days .

  1. First one is Haryali teej
  2. Second one is Kajari teej
  3. Third one is  Hartalika teej .

PUNJAB TEEJ is known as Teeyan in punjab which is dedicated to the onset of the monsoon. It is celebrated according to punjabi calendar in lunar month of Savan . women perform gidda on this day and sings in loud noise . It is also a tradition to ride in swings and receiving gifts from elders and dear ones . Dance competitions are also held on this day on fairs in the schools and colleges. In many government department are  also organize such competition so as to motivate and cherish their traditions .

Latest Teeyan Haryali teej hd images pic dp status for Facebook Whatsapp

Teeyan Haryali teej hd images pic dp status for Facebook whatsapp










  • Divine light of God spread to all Life happiness, peace, prosperity Happy Teej 2016
  • I just love when Sun rise in the blue sky.
    because i can send Good Morning sms to my dear once.
    Happy Teej



  • Hats off to all the  strong women who take fast for a long time and happy live with their husband.My heartiest wishes to the womenfolk.                                    Happy Teej
  • I love you very much. I want you as my wife in every birth.
    I wish this Teej comes with lot of happiness in our lives.
    Happy Teej.


  • Maa Parvathi  or Lord shiva app sabhi par apni kirpa  hamesha banaye rahkhee.
    Apko Teej ki bahut bahut badhaiya.
  • May Lord shiva,Lord vishnu bless you with  good wealth and happiness  on the occasion of Hartalika Teej.
    All good wishes with you.
  • Teej is the day which shows woman’s love and sacrifice. May your wishes come true . Happy Teej to all….


  • Wishing you  to all about Happiness and Prosperity on the festival of TEEJ? Happy Teej 2016…..
  • Happy Haryali teej and Hartalika Teej to all women who take fast. Enjoy Teej with delightfully.
  • Maa Durga,Lakshmi app sabhi par apni kirpa humesha banaye rahkhee.
    Apko Teej ki  bahut bahut Shubh Kamnaye


  • Girls play with swing under the tress Boys play with kites. while enjoying the TEEJ festival.
  • Teej is the fest which shows woman’s love and sacrifice.All your wishes come true and unmarried women get powerful & loving husband like lord Shiva.
  •  May this Teej festival  bring  for you to good luck and success ..


God gives you all a good health,wealth and prosperity on the occasion of teej. Hope you all like our precious information witch is available only here . So always be connected with us to watch full details about various festival which is come soon. Different languages of the sms ,status,quotes,images are to be updates day to day here so don’t forget to like and share in the social networking site like Facebook,google plus, twitter.

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