Teej Ki Hardik Badhai wishes sms quotes 2016 Teez ki subh kamnayeen greetings for Friends

TEEJ is an indian festival celebrated all over in india but most in northern and western india .teej is to be celebrated by the married and unmarried women in every  year in the monsoon seasons and pray to the Goddess of Lord Shiva and Parvati  with a hope that god gives wellness ,prosperity and happiness  of their family. In teej married and unmarried women do dance with each other, sing  together, telling stories and enjoy this day a lot with full enjoyment .in the teej festival women wear yellow, red and green sarees. They worship god parvati and the lord shiva this day and the main motive of this fes for women is to search long life husband and celebrated teej for three days of the monsoon season.It is celebrated in month of sawan and bhado which comes to the month july august and September. There are the various  types of teej festival witch is enjoy and celebrated by the various state of the peoples like  Haryali Teej, Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej. Celebrated the Teej festival in Nepal, Northern and Western India  by the different religion with joyful and happiness such as Rajasthan,gujrat,andra pradesh and Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh  etc  in India. Teej Ki Hardik Badhai wishes sms quotes 2016

 Teej Ki Hardik Badhai wishes sms quotes 2016

Teej Ki Hardik Badhai wishes sms quotes 2016 : Teez ki subh kamnayeen greetings for Friends:-

THREE DAYS OF TEEJ – There are three types of teej celebrated on three different days .

  1. First day is haryali teej
  2. Second day is kajari teej
  3. Third day is hartalika teej .

HARYALI TEEJ – It comes during rainy season and monsoon . Fast is taken by married and unmarried women this day.The story behind that teej is lord shiva accepted mata parvati as his wife . Goddess parvati fasted for long  time and after her 108 th birth lord shiva accepted her . Girls  and women  plays with the swings that are set up under trees and plays various enjoyable games .

KAJARI TEEJ – kajari teej is celebrated on krishna paksh tritya ,the third day of month of saavan . Kajari teej is the time to perform sacred pooja of neem  and accept various rituals and traditions . women sing various kajari songs on behalf of lord krishna . Some kajari songs are sung to welcome the monsoon but others  happiness and union of lovers .Some others songs are also there which shows pain of separations between lovers .On this day there is community pooja of neem.

 HARTALIKA TEEJ – Hartalika teej is the third day of teej hartalika teej is mainly celebrated by women and girls through hartalika vrat . unmarried girls observe this fast with the hope to get an ideal husband like lord shiva . and married woman pray for marital bliss . major states that observe this festival are rajistan , bihar , madhya pradesh , chttisgarh , jharkhand and some parts of maharashtra .


Teej Ki Hardik Badhai, subh kamnayeen greetings wishes sms quotes 2016

maa laxmi ki jyoti se nor milta hai

sabke dilo ko aram milta hai.

jo bhi jata hai mata ke dwar,

usse kuch to zarror milta hai

happy teej…..


Happyness aapki kabhi kam na ho

daman mein aapke koi hole na ho

jab bhi koi problem aaye

to maa durga always available ho

haapy teej….


Night ko jaldii say nendh aagai,

morning uthay to  teej aagai..

socha send karon aap ko teej  ke sms,

daikha to aap ki miss call already aagai,



Andhera hua dur kalli raat ke saath

nayi subha aayi roshni ke sath

ab eyes kholo dekho ek msg aaya hai

TEEJ ki subh kamna sath layi hai

happy teej… 


har dam happiness ho sath,

kabhi daman na ho khali

hum sab ke taraf se,

wish you happy teej.


Teej mein apka didar ho

khusiyo ke sath mubarak hazaar ho.

happy teej…


Maki ki roti,nimbu ka aachar,

suraj ki kirne, khushiyo ki bahar,

chand ki chandi,apno ka pyar,

mubarak ho aapko teej ka tyohar


Na dimag se

na juban se

na paigam se

na sms se

na gift se

appko happy teej

direct dil se


shiv and parvati mata ki bani rahe aap per chaya

palat de jo apki kismat ki kaya

mile aapko wo sab apni zindagi mein

jo kabhi kisi ne bhi na paya

happy teej…..


May every day of the new teej fest come with

good cheer and happiness for you & your

family.wishing you a dazzling happy teej 2016…


Is teej pe humari dua ha ki apka har

sapnna pura ho,

duniya ke unche mukam apke ho,

shoharat ki bulandiyon par naam apka ho

wish u a happy teej….


Wish you a very Happy Haryali Teej to all peoples either it is  married or unmarried couples. If you like this stuff which we have provided above, then please share this post with your colleges and love-ones in Facebook, whats-app, twitters.always be connected with us for new update.

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