Simple Rajasthani Teej Mahandi Design – Teeyan Heena Design 2016

TEEJ is a festival celebrated all over India but specially in northern and western India. Teej festival is to be celebrated in three days  on the monsoon seasons. In the first day of the teej is called dar ken din and all women gathered together in a decided place  and then after some women sing a  devotional song of teej ,some are play with musical instrument and the rest of them is dancing in a circle with full happiness and joyful. This feast is come ones in a year that’s why all peoples forget our stress of life and get together with wearing  beautiful clothes of different colors such as red, green or yellow clothes, and  send  to the  festive foods to the dear one. Women and girls enjoy this feast with playing under trees on swings ,gidda etc and the children enjoy the feast by playing with the kites whole day. The second day is the fasting day . In the fast women can’t take drops of water and food but in another states women take drops of water and food according to their culture. The fast of teej  is to be observed by both married and unmarried women to dedicated The Goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva with a believe that god will be blessed with peace and prosperity of their husband,children and family and the unmarried women will be observe the fast with a believe that they give good husband. After the two days gone successfully,the third days comes with a new happiness.The third day of the fest is called Rishi Panchami.  After the successfully fast and worship is over in second days now, the women give money and foods to the seven pandit and saints with a hope they give a good blessed and wellness to his family. Simple Rajasthani Teej Mahandi Design

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RITUALS AND TRADITION ABOUT TEEJ – It is a three days festival ,its each day is celebrated with equal dedication and a symbol of happy and joyful married life . Women try to look best with bright sarees in lure of their husbands . Women purchase henna and colorful bangles this day. All beautiful design of all types of teej (Haryali teej,hartalika teej,kajari teej) is to be available here. Girls and women can check and download  the latest design of mahendi (heena) images are to be given below.

Simple Rajasthani Teej Mahandi Design – Teeyan Heena Design 2016

TEEJ is to be celebrated in Rajastan in the same way as in other states but the other thing is that in teej is a married woman can go to their parents home for teej and return after the Raksha bandhan festival . In this time they spend ten days with their parents which means a lot to them . She has to bring sweets and other food stuffs with her for their parents . In laws gives bangles gifts and food stuffs to their daughter in laws in order to give their blessings to their daughter in laws.

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TEEJ is known as TEEYAN in Punjab which is dedicated to the onset of monsoon . it is celebrated according to Punjabi calendar in lunar month of savan . Women perform gidda on this day and sings in loud noise . It is also a tradition to ride in swings and receiving gifts from elders. Dance competitions are also held on this day on fairs and . schools and colleges also organize such competition so as to motivate and cherish their traditions .

Top Simple Rajasthani & punjabi Teej Mahandi Design 2016

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Simple Rajasthani Teej Mahandi Design

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All the precious information are to available here related to the tradition of the teej festival which is celebrated basically north India  , south India , western India and Nepal. Hope you all like our stuff which we have provided above. If you are satisfied with our material so , don’t forget to tell to your friend about our stuff .You can also send this beautiful mahandi images to your friends in whats-app, Facebook,twitter and other social networking site.

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