Ramadan Dua SMS Messages Quotes Images Wallpaper 2017 – Ramadan Is The Month of Allah

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to observe fast, recite Quran and offering Namaz more than usual. Ramdan is the month of fasting and Dua. We warmly welcome Ramadan, it’s an opportunity for every mo-mins and Muslims to save themselves from sins and remember Allah to making dua’s and offering him prayers. On this occasion of Ramadan here are some dua to give to your dearone’s. If you love someone then make dua for them because the best gift you can give someone is dua and also make Dua for ourselves for forgiven by Allah for your bad deeds in your past and make your present and future more delightful and better and always keep you on the path of Islam. Allah also knows which is deep in your heart, believe me he knows everything, whatever it is He knows you better than you know yourself. Ramadan Dua SMS Messages Quotes Images Wallpaper 2017

Ramadan Dua’s SMS Messages Quotes 2017

  • Oh my Allah (lord) please forgive me for All the bad that i have done.
  • Ya Allah, keep my heart sealed from all which is written for me.Please guide my dear-ones towards you.
  • Ya Allah Increase me in my knowledge,but this knowledge be with sincerity’not seeking fame,status,material wealth
  • Ya Allah Please help me stay away from haram in achieving the best of this world.
  • Allah bless us all and let there be more for Namaz and good deeds.
  • Oh Allah please give me patience and help me control my anger for your sake.
  • Oh Allah don’t turn me away from you,no matter how many trails and difficulties you test me with.
  • Ya Allah ,please guide my family,friends and well-wishers. Protect them from all the evil influences that are around them.
  • Ya Allah guide my dear-ones to their faith and help others to stay on the straight path.
  • Ya Allah,save humanity from being its own enemy.
  • Ya Allah protect your creation from oppression.Protect us all from the danger,fear & violence.You are the only protector.
  • Ya Allah,let me love you as you deserved to be loved.
  • Ya Allah resolve our affairs and guide us towards peace and paths of guidance.
  • Ya Allah,take us out of the darkness to the brightness

Ramadan Prayer HD Images Wallpapers and Pictures 2017

Ramadan Dua SMS Messages Quotes Images Wallpaper 2017

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