Hariyali Teej 2016 Teeyan teej Vrat date and Time for Punjab haryana & Rajasthan

HARYALI TEEJ – It is the third day of bright half of lunar month of savanna. It falls during monsoon or rainy season . Fast is taken by married and unmarried women this day with a hope of getting good husband and his husband accept her as a wife as same as  lord shiva accepted mata parvati as his wife .On haryali teej girls plays with the swings that are set up under trees and plays various games .This day husbands and in laws of women give gifts to each of them . Boys also fly kite and prepare sweets at home. the government gives occasional holiday In this auspicious occasion. Hariyali Teej 2016 Teeyan teej Vrat date and Time.

Significance – This festival is a symbol of great dedication of love by goddess parvati to lord shiva .According to  the story it is said that goddess parvati took 108 birth to marry lord shiva and after that lord shiva married her .This festival is the symbol of their love and unity . It is believed that whosoever worship mata parvati this day gets blessed with happy married life and and good husband and all her desires fulfilled .

Sharvan Amavasya is observed as Polala Amavasya  in Andhra Pradesh and Pithori Amavasya  in north Indian .


Hariyali Teej 2016 Teeyan teej Vrat date and Time for Punjab haryana

Teej is known as teeyan in Punjab which is dedicated to the onset of monsoon . it is celebrated according to Punjabi calendar in lunar month of savan . Women perform gidda on this day and sings in loud noise . It is also a tradition to ride in swings and receiving gifts from elders . Dance competitions are also held on this day on fairs and . schools and colleges also organize such competition so as to motivate their traditions .

Hariyali Teej 2016 Teeyan teej Vrat date and Time

In this day in hariyana it is official holiday .Many functions are organised by government of haryana to celebrate this festival .In hariyana mothers offer baya to their daughter which contain food stuffs . Which is placed in front of worship place near square chowk . At evening worship of maa parvati is done by women along with this dances and songs are performed by ladies . Women prays for their husbands long life and seek happy married life jusk like lord shiva .


Just like other states various functions are organised throughout the state . Women worship lord shiva and parvati and welcome the season of savan . Great excitement can be seen in the face of ladies and girls as they are given gifts and dress as well as they can . Also applies henna on their hands and enjoys the whole day . Women also prepare sweets by their own at home . They do not eat anything even don’t drink water for the whole day .


Teej is celebrated in Rajastan in the same way as in other states but the different thing is that in teej a married woman can go to their parents home for teej and return after the raksha bandhan festival .In this way they spend ten days with their parents which means a lot to them .She has to bring sweets and other foods stuff with her for their parents . In laws offers bangles gifts and foodstuffs to their daughter in laws in order to give their blessings to their daughter in laws.


Hope you all are satisfied with valuable information which we provided to you above. There are three type of teej which is Haryali teej, Kajari teej and Hartalika teej . All teej celebration is different  from each other and also each fast timing is difference from each other so,we provide all teej  fast timing above which is helpful for all married and unmarried women who take fast.For more information or new update are available here so always be connected with us.

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