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INDEPENDENCE DAY is celebrated  all over the India on 15 august, Its a national festival of India to celebrate the independence of our country from Britishers. We the people of India were slave of Britishers who came from England for a purpose of trade but ruled in India for 399 years which is a dreadful memory for India.They considered Indians like a slave and harassed the Indians. They saw an opportunity to be ruled over. They saw how our country is subdivided in the name of religion , color , rituals , language and took advantage of it .The reason of slavery was Indians own illiteracy and superstitions believes . They were divided in all aspects and were just as breakable stones of a pillar .The policy which the Britishers used to divide India was divide and rule.

They noticed the weakness of Indians and attacked on those weak parts. But among illiterate and weak Indians many great personalities  took birth for making their Bharat mata free from such cruel and dishearten Britishers .

Independence Day 15 Aug live Speech

Hundreds of movement against Britishers:-

Many freedom fighters applied all their  efforts to make India free . Some of them died in the midst of this process and are unforgettable in the Indian history. Along with freedom fighters the social reformers of India also helped India to quit their superstitious believes and accept the logical the reasonable thinking and ideas . One of them was Raja Ram Mohan Roy who stopped the superstitious rituals sati pratha, bal vivah and many more. Hundreds of movement against Britishers were made by Indians to weaken Britishers. some of them were non cooperation movement, dandi march civil disobedience movement and salt satyagrah,quit India movement,swadeshi movement  but due to several factors these movements failed .

Many of Indians were with drawled from government services due to their involvement in such movements . These movements encouraged the feeling of inconceivable between people . Some of the freedom fighters were Baal Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bipin Chandra Pal, Mahatma Gandhi , Subhash Chandra Bose , Jawahar Lal Nehru however they promoted sense of nationalism among the people of country.  This year we are going to celebrate our 70th independence Day 15 Aug live Speech.

Independence Day 15 Aug live Speech-

Independence day is celebrated  all over the India on Independence Day 15 Aug live Speech. Its a  national festival of India   . We celebrate this day with lots of enthusiasm and joy every year because our country got freedom   from the British rule  this day . Some of the freedom fighters who played  an important role in providing  freedom   were  Bal gangadhar tilak,Lala lajpat rai , vipin chandra Pal, mahatma gandhi , subhas chandra bose , jawahar lal Nehru.however they promoted sense of nationalism among the people of country.  This year we are going to celebrate our 70th Independence Day 15 Aug live Speech.

Independence Day 15 Aug live Speech

Its a honor for we Indians that we are moving towards  developing to a developed country . The feeling of nationalism between Indians  took place like a fire and Indians demanded for complete freedom in 19th century . Indian National congruence gave a platform for the Indians to fight against injustice . The main purpose of making such party was to attack the Britishers to decrease their power. Independence Day 15 Aug live Speech.

Irony about independence day 15 August 2016 :-

Sadly, Instead of celebrating  many years of independence day our country couldn’t fulfilled all its dream regarding the development of country . There are hundreds of national issues which are pending and whose decisions are to be taken . Every year Indian government plans hundreds of schemes but the development is so far . The internal condition of India is too bad . It is said that the soul of India exists in the village of India . But it is not so in reality . The conditions of our villages are  worst . Even the three main needs are not fulfilled by people over there. These needs are food, cloth and shelter. mainly they depends on agricultural practices .

There is lack of irrigation facility,no knowledge of correct nutrition given to the crop . Even no facility of storage of crops. Every year hundreds of farmers commit suicide due to the pressure of returning arrears to landlords and lack of rain in villages . Independence Day 15 Aug live Speech So how can we imagine India to become a develop country. But instead of these problems, India is growing constantly and the growth can be seen in data provided by government. We the youth of India now have to pay back the tribute to our country. by contributing services to our country then only in true aspects we can give back tribute to our freedom fighters.

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Happy independence  day to all our lovable visitors and all freedom fighter who played  major role for giving a freedom against British rule. Hope you all like our stuff which is helpful for all the student ,teacher etc. Who perform speech in the school ,university and many other place. So don’t forget to help and tell to your friend about this speech and also connected with us for new update regarding to the Independence day images,songs,videos,sms,status and many more.

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